Electro Cad Australia Pty Ltd

Our services

We work closely with clients to provide total development and engineering solutions, including small run, high quality manufacturing and assembly services.

Electro Cad Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 1989 and has expanded to offer:

  • Design consultancy services
  • Firmware and Software development
  • Electronic PCB design
  • Mechanical product design services
  • Prototyping services and design qualification
  • Mil spec grade fine pitch and precision soldering
  • Short run production and procurement services
  • Cable Assembly
  • PCB Product Assembly
  • Electrical Control Boxes
  • Parts manufacturing and machining services

Design consultancy services


With 30 years of experience, servicing the defence, industrial, automotive, scientific and consumer markets, we can offer a deep knowledge base when consulting on new designs.

Firmware and Software Development

With a broad experienced team we can develop solutions including device firmware, iOS and Android apps, Linux, Python, C, C++, QT and cloud development, to name a few.

Refer to the key reference site of www.xped.com to see the IoT solutions that this team has successfully developed to production.

Electronic PCB design services


Our first service offered when the company was founded, PCB design is still a key factor for reducing manufacturing costs and improving product reliability. With electronic engineering qualifications, PCB’s have been successfully designed for low noise, RF, high current, or miniaturisation applications.

Product design services


Utilising Solidworks, we work with clients to 3D model their designs using advanced solid modelling and surfacing techniques. The service is backed up with rapid prototyping and machining services to bring your designs to life.

Prototyping services and design qualification

Our rapid turn prototyping services can offer reduced costs and lead time by qualifying designs before progressing to full production. High quality hand assembly allows single boards to be tested or part assembled and brought up in stages. Hand assembly also eliminates the need for components to be ordered in large quantities or supplied on reels as required for automated assembly.

Mil spec grade fine pitch and precision soldering

We offer high quality hand soldering services, to mil spec standards if required, to provide fast turn prototype or small run PCB assembly. As modern component sizes diminish, the average engineer or tech is challenged to hand solder prototypes. Our highly skilled staff can work closely with you to solder, modify and generally help bring up your designs before progressing to automated assembly. This service is ideal for reducing risk, lead time and expense for prototype testing, proof of concept or marketing demo products.

Short run production and procurement services

We can manage the production of short runs, typically needed for product testing and qualification prior to full production runs. Procuring a full kit of parts from PCB’s, electronic components, cables, housings and packaging. We can also do product testing to ensure full QA before dispatch, followed by final product packaging if required.

Cable Assembly


With many cable manufacturers available for high volume production, we fulfill the market gap for small volume manufacture. We supply many high quality ruggedised cables, which are often complex and challenging to manufacture, used in the mining, military and industrial sectors. Careful cabling considerations, design, and manufacture is one of the often overlooked components of a final product. We can assist in ensuring all the components of a final product are successfully connected, reliable and easy to install and service.

PCB and Product Assembly


Our team offer a complete end to end service for small to medium size production runs of PCB’s or complete Product assembly. We can manage the ordering, kitting, warehousing and scheduling of production, testing, packaging and dispatch… allowing you to focus on sales and business development.

Electrical Control Boxes


Many industrial, military and mining applications require complete control systems employing PCB’s, switchgear, breakers, comms controllers, etc. to be housed in a compact and ruggedised control box. Some even requiring air conditioning to regulate temperatures in extreme environment conditions. We satisfy your total manufacturing needs, through complete BOM procurement, assembly and test of these systems.

Parts Manufacturing and Machining Services

Often electrical and electronic subsystems require mounting hardware for PCB’s, displays, connectors, cables, housings, etc. Our machining facilities, including milling, turning and slotting, offer the manufacture of bespoke brackets and other hardware to complete the final product solution.